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Jezabel Careaga: a Renaissance woman...



Jezabel Careaga: a Renaissance woman who cooks, teaches, and reshapes interior design with her own two hands.

It’s only been a few months since Argentine chef and entrepreneur Jezabel Careaga moved her center of operations from Fitler Square to West Philadelphia, but business is bustling and reaching new heights.

“I’m very happy,” explained Careaga. “It’s bittersweet to leave Fitler Square, but I’m happy to be in the West Philly community that has given us an amazing response.”

Jezabel’s Studio initially opened in the West Philly location over a year ago teaching customers about sustainability as well as how to cook healthy practical meals that would make a difference in their lives. Now, the West Philly location has expanded to include her cafe (formally in Fitler Square), where she serves up her delicious cooking.

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